Largest companies in the world by market value in 2018

A world map location visualization of the headquarters of the 30 largest companies in the world by market value in 2018.

USA ranks as the number one country in having the most companies in this list, followed by China and then Switzerland.

To find the largest companies in the world, one needs to simply visit USA. Specificially, in the west coast region of USA, in Silicon Valley, California, is home of many of the largest companies. World leaders such as Apple (Technology), Alphabet (Internet), Facebook (Internet), Visa (Financial Services), Chevron (Oil & Gas), Wells Fargo (Financial Services), Cisco (Technology) and Intel (Technology) are all based in Silicon Valley region.

Further north on the west coast, Washington boasts of two behemoths of the tech industry, Amazon (E-Commerce) and Microsoft (Software & Internet). In the mid-America region, the scene is dominated by Berkshire Hathaway (Mulit-Conglomerate), Exxonmobil (Oil & Gas), Walmart (Retail) and UnitedHealth Group (Healthcare). On the east coast of USA, New York City is home to JP Morgan Chase (Financial Services) , Johnson & Johnson (Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical), Mastercard (Financial Services) and Pfizer (Pharamceutical). Other companies located on the East Coast are Bank of America (Financial Services) and Home Depot (Retail).

China is the second country with the most largest companies, they include some well recognized names globally, such as Tencent (Internet), Alibaba (E-Commerce), ICBC (Financial Services), China Construction Bank (Financial Services) and Petro China (Oil & Gas). World class companies can also be found in Korea with Samsung Electronics (Consumer Electronics) and Taiwan wth TSMC (Technology).

In Europe, Switzerland is home to two, Nestle (Food & Beverage) and Novartis (Pharamceutical). Another of the companies on this list, Royal Dutch Shell (Oil & Gas), is based in Netherlands.

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RankCompany NameMarket Value (in USD Billions)Sector
4Microsoft750.6Software & Internet
7Berkshire Hathaway491.9Multi-Conglomerate
8Tencent Holdings491.3Internet
9JPMorgan Chase387.7Financial Services
10ExxonMobil344.1Oil & Gas
11Johnson & Johnson341.3Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical
12Samsung Electronics325.9Consumer Electronics
13Bank of America313.5Financial Services
14ICBC311Financial Services
15Royal Dutch Shell306.5Oil & Gas
16Visa295.1Financial Services
17Wells Fargo265.3Financial Services
18China Construction Bank261.2Financial Services
20Chevron248.1Oil & Gas
22Nestle237.3Food & Beverage
23UnitedHealth Group229Healthcare
24Cisco Systems221.3Technology
25PetroChina220.2Oil & Gas
26Home Depot219.4Retail
29Taiwan Semiconductor203Technology
30Mastercard201.9Financial Services